about teamscapes

About Teamscapes

What is Teamscapes Team Building?

Teamscapes® are the innovative team building product which we have been continually developing for over 20 years at Sundial. They are team and personal development activities that engage the mind, body and soul as well as the traditional cognitive aspects of learning.

With indoor, culinary and a collection of outdoor activities in the shape of mobile equipment, Sundial Teamscapes are now available throughout the UK and in fact worldwide too. With licenses sold in Australia and Scotland, as well as our mobile activities having been used for team building events in the Middle East on more than one occasion, “Teamscapes® are spreading across the world!” in the words of Lucy McGibbon, Sundial’s Learning & Development Director.

Teamscapes were initially born as fixed instillations in the grounds of Sundial Venues, where they were used as fun outdoor team building activities by the delegates staying at our meeting venues. A few years on indoor team building activities were developed to be used in our meeting rooms. Some years later our culinary activities were added to the repertoire and in the same year we announced that we were no longer a product exclusive to Sundial Venues.

We’re really proud of the innovative activities we’ve created as Sundial Teamscapes, but it is actually the Teamscapes methodology that is most significant. The way in which we use experiential learning (learning by doing) to inspire self discovery and help individuals to learn how they can be effective members of a team is what makes us different to other team building providers. We are major supporters of experiential learning because we are firm believers that we all learn best through experience, after all, life is a series of experiences and whether they are good or bad we learn from them all. Not only this but our cost-effective, all in one pricing system and team building packages mean that we can create events that suit your budget, however big or small that might be.

We use Teamscapes® throughout Sundial Group to train our 200 staff members across all three businesses because we genuinely believe using Teamscapes to help our staff be effective team members is what makes us an award-winning group.We believe in investing in you before you invest in us – that’s how confident we are that we have the product for you – which is why we offer regular free team building taster events across the UK, as well as complimentary ‘Lunch and Learn’ opportunities.If you’d like to know more about Teamscapes and what we can do for you and your team please contact us for further information. We’ll be pleased to hear from you via the phone on 01604 731790 or alternatively you can email Teamscapes@sundialgroup.com

No matter what you need or where you need it, we will create the right event for you to help you get the best out of your team, now and in the future.

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