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Pearson EDI Team Building Award

Prove you are an indispensible element of a team. If you gain an award in ‘Team Building with Teamscapes’ you are demonstrating that you know how to be an effective member of a team and therefore can contribute to creating a more efficient company. This team building award not only inspires confidence in yourself that you are an indispensible team member; it also helps you to recognise different strengths within your team. Learning is our passion, we believe life is enhanced by learning and we certainly don’t believe ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ – you can learn at any age and because our activities are non-threatening and not strenuous they are suitable for everyone. Our team building awards are really powerful because they provide;

This team building training provides individuals with four key skills:

Working as a Team

You can demonstrate the importance of team work to resolve and complete tasks efficiently.


You recognise the importance of good communication within an efficient team.

Co-Operation & Trust

You recognise the importance of co-operation and trust and the need for trust within a team.

Identifying Strengths

You identify different strengths within the team and utilise resources to maximise team efficiency.


Pearson EDI Accredited team building awardsare equivalent to an NVQ level 2 or GCSE A*-C level of learning and can be achieved after a successful completion of a full day Teamscapes programme. The awards are suitable for all and have been used by the likes of the NHS for large diverse teams, but are especially beneficial for school, college and university leavers. For school/college/university leavers this awards demonstrates their capacity to work as an effective member of a team, proving that they are ready for employment and therefore that, as an individual, they will have a smooth transition from the educational world into the employment world. To gain an award you must complete two Teamscapes outdoor team building activities and a debriefing session with an Accredited Teamscapes Facilitator, at a Pearson EDI licensed centre, such as one of the Sundial Venues.

We are the only team building providers that have been accredited by Pearson EDI and are authorised to give awardsin team building, equivalent to an NVQ 2 level of learning. Our team building training programme is quality assured and certified by the Pearson EDI National Awarding Body; the level of learning is described by the level descriptors contained within the National Qualification framework.

If you are interested in accrediting your team with Teamscapes team building awards, or simply wish to find out more for personal development please call us on 01604 731790 and we will be pleased to discuss your thoughts or assist you with answering any questions you may have.

No matter what you need or where you need it, we will create the right event for you to help you get the best out of your team, now and in the future.

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