indoor team building

Indoor Team Building

Our indoor team building activities are based around 36 high-quality hand carved wooden blocks that are 100% mobile. They improve team work by targeting communication skills, co-operation and collaboration. They are particularly popular for groups wishing to enhance collaboration skills, team negotiation and personal compromise.

The table below give further details of each of our indoor activities:

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A large-scale practical task where team members are required to work out how to assemble a set of coloured metal and rope components to make a structure which is identical to a black and white design pattern they have received. Webmaster explores a team’s ability to create logical solutions to complex problems.

Golf Challenge

You’ve been tasked with organising a golf tournament celebrity day with the challenge to engage existing customers and provide the wow factor for potential new ones. You will need to collaborate as a team to deliver a truly memorable experience by designing the course, booking the celebrities and coaching each other as you play around your course.


Participants must work together as astro-physicists to find their way back from space via the Stargate. The team has 30 minutes to open the Stargate correctly before it vanishes for 500 years.


The team must work together to complete tasks given to them on cards, using a set of handcrafted English hardwood blocks.

The Block Exchange

Examining the conflict that can arise between personal objectives and those of the group, by simulating a shareholder scenario. Teams that realise that personal and team goals are aligned will succeed; those that don’t will struggle.


Participants work in teams to optimise their block-holding by buying and selling to their competitors, needing to complete deals while managing potentially conflicting interests within their own team.

War Room

The year is 1942 and a country house has been sequestered by the MOD as a secret base from which to co-ordinate a defensive campaign against an enemy offensive. Your team must respond to intelligence continually streaming into the base whilst managing the entire land, sea and air defences of the UK.

No matter what you need or where you need it, we will create the right event for you to help you get the best out of your team, now and in the future.

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